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Decreased cooldown time for Ritual Spear Fragment and Divine Spear Fragment when summoned as the Spear of the Church in a world with 2 or. Has been released onto Blizzard's public test realm and includes balance changes for heroes, 16:9 widescreen support and updates to the map pools. The Back Pack 3/4 Mick 4/5 Red Nose 4/5 Sal and Sam set Level Hot 1/2 The Spider 1/2 Get Down 2/3 I Have a Pup 2/3 Sal Fed the Hens 2/3 Sam Had a Bag 2/3 Wet.

Where applicable), mana costs reduced, benefit from spell damage reduced appropriately. (Elemental) cast time reduction reduced to. (Elemental) now has a 4/8/12/16/20% chance to occur and the additional spell causes half damage and no additional. (Enhancement) now also increases spell damage and healing equal to 10/20/30% of your. Two-Handed Axes and Two-Handed Maces are now trainable by all Shaman at the appropriate weapon masters. The Enhancement talent has been replaced by Shamanistic Focus. (New Enhancement Talent): After landing a melee, you enter a Focused state. The Focused state reduces the mana cost of your next Shock spell by 60%.

(Enhancement) now also reduces all damage taken by 30% for the duration.

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(Enhancement) threat reduction increased to 30% from 15%. For ranks 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 the increased damage resulting from this enchantment has been reduced slightly to match the intended numbers given in the tooltip. Ranks 1, 2, 3, and 9 are unchanged. This spell no longer costs any mana to cast and its duration has been shortened.

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At the end of its duration, it now grants mana for any remaining globes. In addition, the mana granted per globe has been substantially increased. This enchantment can no longer be triggered while you are. Can no longer be cast on targets by other players or groups. The debuff will now always be removed correctly when this spell is cast.

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And now reduce the amount healed when the warlock is affected by healing reducing effects (e. This spell will no longer cause enemy spells to increase casting time or reduce time.

It will also no longer prevent flag captures in Battlegrounds. (Destruction) now has a new, more distinct visual effect. Now takes significantly less time to cast and complete. Detonation will now obey. This talent's effect can no longer trigger other effects. This spell now gains additional benefit from bonuses. Base absorb value of rank 4 has been reduced. (Affliction) now increases damage by 2/4% and no longer affects. (Affliction): If a Warlock already has a particular spell cast on a target, reapplying before its duration ends will no longer grant an additional bonus.

The silence from this ability is now subject to diminishing returns. This talent can now trigger while the Warrior is sitting. The chance for this ability to land successfully on its targets is now increased by.

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Will work more often when targets are up against unpathable areas like walls and poles. (Protection) now also grants 2/4/6 weapon. (Protection) now combines the effects of into its effect. It is also now affected by all talents and items that affect Sunder Armor.

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This talent can now trigger while the Warrior is sitting. And have swapped locations in the talent trees. Will no longer place you in. Now has a 10 second duration when used on PvP targets. (Arms) now has a reduced chance to occur but generates 7 rage instead of 6.

Interrupting a spell with this ability will now always properly prevent casting spells from the same spell school for 4 sec. Interrupting a channeled spell with this ability will now always properly prevent casting spells from the same spell school for 6 sec. (Protection) now always tries to dispel one effect on the target. And have swapped locations in the talent trees. Now lasts 10 seconds and affects your next 10 swings. This ability now works correctly in all cases with shielded targets.

This talent also now grants greatly-increased threat from and when in.

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The chance for this ability to land successfully on its target is now increased by hit rating. (Arms) now reduces duration of Disarm effects against you by 25/50% rather than giving you a 50% chance to avoid or full immunity to Disarm effects. This ability now strikes with both weapons when a Warrior is. All primary profession trainers outside of capitals (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, Tailoring) have been changed to train up to level (skill level 300) in their respective professions. The capital cities now possess Artisan level trainers for the primary professions they support, and are surrounded by their newly-dubbed Apprentices where applicable.

Please visit your local Master trainer when you wish to train. You can now control-click on a to see how the item that is made by that recipe will look on you in the. Added a sound for when a is created. Added a new potion to alchemy trainers:.

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This new potion requires Alchemy to consume. A new world drop recipe for an has been added. This new weapon chain both reduces duration and increases rating.

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Sharpening Stones and Weightstones now last 1 hour. Are now available from in! In addition to gold, you can receive random cooking reagents and new recipes as a reward for completing these quests. Reduced the maximum skill obtainable from recipes between 200 and 300. This does not include recipes. Duration of and created by enchanters has been increased.

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Added a new enchant shield recipe to trainers that increases. In and in now sell the for the in a limited supply. Engineers can now create incredible new! Find in Shadowmoon Valley to learn these fantastic new plans. Engineering potion injectors no longer require engineering skill to use. Materials required to create the Steam Tonk Controller have been reduced. To reflect the reduced requirements, the maximum skill gain has also been reduced somewhat. For a new are rumored to belong to a select few in.

Plans for a new arrow making device can be found from Sunfury Archers. The for a machine that creates 200 at a time, with 5 charges per item. The for shells now create an.

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The machine creates 200 at a time, with 5 charges per item. The is now rather than so non-engineers can use them as well. The materials required for the have been simplified. Fishermen and women can now track. This ability is learned from a sometimes found in crates obtained through fishing.

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New fish can now be caught in and. Recipes for preparing these new fish are obtained through the daily cooking quests. Fishing difficulty reduced for some areas in. You can now fish in again. Picking herbs will no longer cause effects on items to trigger. Are now unbound, but have an additional requirement of 275 herbalism to use.

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A new skyfire can be obtained from the of. This new increases and critical strike damage with spells. Greatly increased the radius of the, and.

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Increased the range at which you can gain leatherworking skill from crafting drums. Removed the casting time from the Drums of Battle, Drums of Restoration, Drums of Speed, and Drums of War. Slightly increased the radius of.

Reduced the casting time of Drums of Panic and added a equal to the casting time. Reduced the faction required to obtain Drums of Battle and Drums of Panic. Drums of Speed and Drums of Restoration are no longer recipes, and can now be obtained from the and faction vendors with standing. Drums can now be used while. A new recipe is available from leatherworking trainers to create glove, providing a substantial bonus. Reinforcements are a permanent enchantment and cannot be placed with other permanent enchantments.

New recipes are available from Grand Master leatherworking trainers to make 20 slot and.